I’m a freelance audio producer based in the south west of England. I’m always on the lookout for unusual anecdotes, exciting approaches to narrative audio, and interesting perspectives on story-telling. I dig deep to explain points of view honestly and analytically, to focus on the humanity of the story. 

My path into audio producing has been an unusual one, involving an MPhil in anthropology from Cambridge, teaching in Paris, and running away to the circus. I’ve always loved the radio and devour hours of podcasts, from Slow Burn to Against the Rules, Have You Heard George’s Podcast to Longform, and many, many, many (many) more. 

 I have made podcasts for the University of Cambridge’s anthropology department, the Social Change Agency, Hawkwood Centre for Future Thinking, as well as some exciting upcoming projects with Lives of Colour and Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust. I am also part of the Arts Council’s New Creative’s scheme.